W13 Theological Education and the Health of the Church - Kirk Wellum & David Barker

October 16, 2015 Series: 2015 Workshops

Topic: 2015 Conference

The church of Jesus Christ is built on an apostolic foundation, and consequently, Christianity as defined and expounded by the apostles is critical to the health of Christians and churches. We believe that theological education is essential for a proper understanding and application of apostolic teaching if Christians are to meet the challenges of living for Christ in the 21st century. Theological education that is true to the purpose of the Lord Jesus helps Christians understand their past, present, and future, enabling them to articulate the key doctrines of the faith, and preparing them to faithfully pass on to the present and future generations what has been entrusted to them. Theological education is therefore, not optional, but essential for the health and vitality of the church.

kirkwellumKirk Wellum is the Principal of Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College where he teaches systematic and pastoral theology. Before joining the faculty at TBS he served as the pastor of three congregations in Ontario for a total of 24 years. He speaks in churches and at conferences in Canada, the United States, Africa, and Europe. He has also contributed to books, journals, and magazines, and is currently involved in curriculum and leadership development.


David-BarkerDavid Barker has been teaching at Heritage College & Seminary since 1978, mostly in the area of Old Testament, but also in the area of Pastoral Studies. Along the way he has been involved in several pastorates. David is passionate about preaching and teaching both the Old and New Testaments, but has found special nurture for kingdom life in the Psalms and Wisdom Books in particular.