W1 - The Pyung Yang Revival of 1907 and Its Impact - Minho Song

October 16, 2015 Speaker: Minho Song Series: 2015 Workshops

Topic: 2015 Conference

The Korean church witnessed one of the fastest growths in church history. Much of her growth goes back to the great Revival of 1907. The difference in the church before and after the Revival is remarkable. In fact, the Korean church has never been the same since the Revival. We need to find out why this Revival was so unique and powerful. At the center of this Revival was an elder named Sun-ju Kil. Let us examine, in particular, his dedication and prayer that led to the Revival.

Minho Song - 2Rev. Minho Song is senior pastor at Young Nak Presbyterian Church, Toronto. Born in South Korea he immigrated to Canada as a teenager. He has taught academically at local and international theological seminaries.