W12 The Revived Heart and the Care for the Marginalized - Linda Baartse

October 16, 2015 Speaker: Linda Baartse Series: 2015 Workshops

Topic: 2015 Conference

How should a Christian serve those in her community that need help? Is the local church able to do anything? Is helping people who do not self-identify as Christian wrong or a waste of time? What difference does the Gospel make in messy lives that are full the complications that come from sinful choices? Is it possible to keep the Gospel in the picture when you are doing social good?

Linda Baaartse.PNGLinda Baartse is Executive Director of the Pregnancy Care Centre, a Christian non-profit organization that exists so that no woman in Toronto needs to feel that abortion is her only alternative. Previous to moving to Toronto, Linda spent over a decade in Guatemala working with Mam-speaking community groups, sharing the Gospel in both word and deed. Linda is a much-loved member of Grace Fellowship Church, Toronto.